Madison Designs


Welcome to Madison Designs. Are you low on cash? You like a design but other designers are too expensive? I know what's it  like. I'm grateful for designers who are willing to lower the cost, There aren't many and you cab find a few in Facebook groups. Here at Madison Designs I offer low cost ebook covers!  From  under $30 a cover!  Since I''m starting out, my site will have limited covers. If you want a custom made  cover, it will be an extra $15 charge. If you find  an image at places like Depositphotos or Big Stock, it will cost more.   PLease visit my facebook page,madisondesigns and like it. Tell your friends!

Below  are three I have done for others

These are the ones I did which will be out soon this year

Interested?  I have some  mock ups which I can;'t display due to Stock Images TOCs, I can't display what I have made because I haven't paid for the images. Hopefully in times to come, I'll be able to display them here, but until then, come join Facebook groups, "Indie Book Cover Sales & Designs, Clean Cover for Authors and Designers and Book Cover Designers to see my samples and what others have done